Merry Christmas From Bob & Nuter!

Happy Holidays Friends,

Another Christmas means another "long-playing holiday LP" for your listening enjoyment. Nuter and I are just as pleased as punch to have once again raided the office supply room after hours to bring you yet another swell Yuletide platter. A very special thanks to the Federal Bureau of Investigations copyright enforcement division. They are so busy trying to get the pesky Chinese under control, they again failed to take any notice. Thanks fellas!

I know you must be asking yourself...sweet Jeebus, how do they keep on doing it? Well it's truly amazing just how many cool Christmas songs have been waxed since Moses brought the first Christmas down from Mt Arafat. Of course, other holiday compilation albums didn't fare so well. For instance, our stab at a disc celebrating "the magic of Groundhog Day" stalled pretty early on. I didn't have the heart to tell Nuter that "Muskrat Love" really didn't even qualify. The Captain & Tennille will just have to wait their turn.

But problem! As usual we've searched high & low, far & wide, and cherry-picked the finest Yuletide cuts. Sure it's sad when old folks kick the bucket, but just look at the great records they leave behind! As usual we have painstakingly separated the cream from the corn...passing the savings on to you dear listener.

This years batch stays faithful to the fine mix of smooth after-hours weepers, finger-poppin' bebop, and hip shakin' R&B tunes that you have come to expect. We've also made it a point to give this years offering a uniquely "De-troit feel" for your consideration. Scattered throughout this slab of wax is plenty of winning music from Michigan's finest "radio-friendly talent." Sadly, we ran out of space before we got to Kid Rock's chestnut "Droppin' a Deuce in Santa's Egg-Nog." But there's always next year.

Throughout the year we receive hundreds of cards and letters begging the important questions: Who did such and such song? Where can I find a job that affords me that much free time? & What the hell did you do to my sister? But the questions we get asked most often is...what's Christmas like at Bob & Nuter's house? Festive? You bet! Old fashioned? Somewhat. Boring? No Sir-ee!

We faithfully rise at the crack of noon, careful to sleep off the festivities from the night before. A couple of stiff, hair-o' the dog mimosas later and it's time to start thinking about Christmas Mass. As is our tradition, we solemnly vow that next year we intend to wake up early enough to make the service. With that out of the way, it's time to exchange presents. Every year is the same...Johnny Walker Black and Lotto tickets for me, a bottle of Cutty Sark and Beech Nut Chew for Nuter. No gift receipts necessary...always a perfect fit. As the Gene Autry Christmas LP plays on the hi-fi, we ice down the Stroh's and pop the top (careful!) on the Frito's bean dip.

We relax with a couple of smooth tobacco pipes and await the arrival of our family and lady friends. Moms and dad appear with all the step-kids in tow to offer helpful tips and suggestions. Next to arrive is drunken Uncle Charlie, who is even taking cabs to the parties at this point. Aunt Millie shows with her crowd pleasin' "teenieweinies" (Vienna sausages swimming in Kraft BBQ), and we ALL dig in.

Even cousin Randy is there, accompanied for the tenth year in a row by his special friend Raymond. You could write a book Randy's bad luck with the ladies, someday I just might!

In the early morning hours, after everyone has departed, we toast another fabulous holiday. The food is gone, the dog is shaking, the bar has been emptied, the tree has shed its last needle. Best of all, not a single call to 911. That's Christmas at our house. Here's wishing the best of holidays to you and yours...with no calls to 911. Enjoy the music!

Bob and Nuter

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